Friday, January 23, 2009

E-mail from Africa

HELLO! We'll be speaking at the missions meeting of First Baptist Merritt Island church in a couple of weeks. It's still so easy to remember everything from the trip. We had the priviledge of bringing the good news of God's gift of forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth to about 350-400 people (mostly children) during our month in Kenya. Many indicated a desire to follow Jesus and we pray that they will grow in faith in the upcoming years.

Melelo is the girl right in front of me. At the left is Shayne and Teri Russel, the missionaries who hosted McKenna and me in Masai Mara.

I received a sweet little letter from a Masai girl named Melelo. She writes, "Dear Trish, Nakupenda ("I love you,"). I want you to come back! Thank you for your songs! May God bless you. Thank you for the sweets. I'm doing good in school. God loves you. I miss you!"

This is Yuma, the first Masai man I ever met with his two sons. Our car was having trouble and Bob Tayloe, who faithfully shepherded us around for a month, had stopped to check it out. (DOUBLE-CLICK to see!) Yuma had been watching his herd across the road in the field and had come across to see what was going on.

I received the e-mail below from Pastor Shadrack of Mitumba Slum City, and thought I'd post it:
Dear Trish,

Thank you for the Christmas puppet script. Many children received Jesus as a result of this presentation by Kamau and Oloo. They did it so well both on Sat. 1st and on Wed. 5th and we are planning to do it somany times in different places. Please can you send me more writings to give some other boys and girls to present it as well. Thank you and may God bless you Big. The Lord God is an awesome God. Amen!

Wtih Christ's love,

Pastor Shadrack and REM family

By the way, someone had asked me about donation information for Pastor Shadrak at Mitumba Slum city. You can send donations to AIM - Africa Inland Mission, Box 178, Pearl River, NY 10965. The donations should be directed to R.E.M. (Rural Evangelistic Missions), Project # 000112. (Be sure to write this on your check.)

A worker firing some glass at the Kitengela Glass Factory. I thought this was an amazing pic and made me think of the furnace of affliction that so many people are going through in this world.