Sunday, September 21, 2008


We spent our last day at Mitumba slum city and are now back at Diguna, tired but in a good sort of way. I feel very fulfilled. The children were so happy to see us and that was very heart-warming. They smile and say, "Habari Patreesha!"

Our little program went without a hitch after much practicing through the week. A very small 14 yr. old boy named Pius Kamau and his friend Gabriel did the puppet and did a great job. Then 12 other children did the human video we wrote to "In Christ Alone." Then we went to the Children's Ministry where we did a puppet show for them and sang. Then we were asked to sing a final song at the adult church there in Mitumba.

It's very very dusty and messy there inside the little church building. People sit on wooden benches and don't seem to mind being crammed next to oneanother. There is no glass in the two windows, just a wooden door that they open up. Children and adults are always peeking in from outside and I can see their lips moving as they sing along with us.

Pastor Shadrack is so nice. Did I mention that he's a highly educated man who used to teach teachers how to teach? I can't say enough about him and his wife Violet.

Anyway, McKenna and I are well and are glad to know that about 15 "slum mama's" indicated yesterday after we met with them that they want to follow Jesus. WOW! And very very many children also indicated a desire to follow Jesus.

We talked with them about what that means. One thing we told them is that Jesus is loving and so His followers must be loving. To demonstrate this, McKenna and I did a little skit in which we were fighting. Then suddenly we remember that Jesus said, "Love one another as I have loved you..." Then we apologized to each other ad hugged. The children went wild! They "got it." They shouted and clapped I think because they could identify with the fighting since that happens a lot in close quarters.

Earlier in the week we were talking with them about how the Bible says that we ought to do everything "as unto the Lord." So McKenna asked them, "What kind of work do you do that's really hard?"

I kept waiting for them to reply, "Schoolwork!"

But it was very telling that not one child had that as a response. Instead here were the replies:

"Carrying water."

"Washing clothes."

"Carrying sticks for fire."

"Building a house."

Actually, school is considered a great break in their daily lives. They LOVE to learn and are extremely gifted and bright. One boy was trying to make chords on my guitar and oh how I wish I had time to teach him!!

McKenna and I want to go back for a visit before we leave. It wasn't easy being in Mitumba and getting a taste of how hard it is for people to live in such squaller, but on the other hand we had such a sense that this is exactly where God had intended for us to be that it was very fulfilling.

On the way back home every day we have passeda huge Mosque and many many Muslim students and adults walking around. We need to pray for the Kenyans.

Tomorrow is a rest/packing day for us except that we've been asked to speak and sing at the Diguna Monday staff meeting again. In another week they've asked that I lead a worship seminar on their Wednesday evening meeting. Wow. I feel very privileged to do that. Please pray for me.

On Tuesday we drive up to Kijabe. That's interesting because we've left Florida at sea level and have been here almost 1 mile up high and now we're going to be a bit higher and 6,000 ft +. We've had a little bit of nose bleed happening. But there's SO much dust and SO much pollution from huge black plumes of smoke from buses and trucks that our poor sinuses are suffering a little. Bob and Ann's car doesn't have air-conditioning and so we have to open the windows. Oh well this is part of the Kenya experience!

On Wednesday we'll be speaking and singing about Jesus at Kijabe Hospital. Then on Thursday at Bethany Children's home and on Friday at another children's hospital. Then we drive out Friday late afternoon for Masai Mara. We'll be doing a puppet show for Masai children on Sat. and Sunday.

The followig Wednesday we'll be bringing our message of hope to a public school assembly! Wow! I'll try to get online again. Don't give up checking my blog. Please please keep us in prayer. We can feel your prayer support, believe me.

Till next time...

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