Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A letter from the slum city pastor arrived...

A letter from Pastor Shadrack of Mitumba slum city came via e-mail this morning. He's thanking all who supported McKenna and me as we were serving at his little church and so I thought I'd pass it on to you. Thanks again for your prayers and support! (NOTE: If you want to see PHOTO's they're underneath this post!)


Dear Trish (&McKenna),


We would like to say thank you for your love and service you and McKenna offered to our Children and women and the whole REM Family in Mitumba slums (September 16 to 21st) in Nairobi. The souls that have come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and the many who have been encouraged to live for Jesus in such tough lifestyle in Mitumba slums tells it all.

The Staff, Elders and Members of our REM COMMUNITY CHURCH school in Mitumba have said “thank you” too. May your Church and all the brothers and sisters who supported you in this Mission to Kenya be encouraged that their gift was not in vain. It has accomplished much especially in the lives of those who live in the slums of Mitumba.

After the ladies met with you what a blessing that all these poor and hopeless ladies could carry with them home some flour for their evening meals after receiving the message of salvation. This was a clear demonstration of love and concern that many described as – “Jesus was in their midst that afternoon.”

In addition to that, over 200 children who listened to your teaching have already passed this message and the wonderful songs that are being sung by many folks in the slums. What a joy that the message of the love of Jesus Christ is continued to be spread throughout this slum of Mitumba even after you have left for home.

May the name of the Lord God be the Glory for your Mission to us. Again thank you for the gift of the guitar strings and the Ksh. 8,700/- which we will use to buy food for the children in the REM centre. We cherish you and we will continue to remember you in our prayers. More so we are looking forward to have you come back again to us someday.

We are praying for quick recovery of McKenna.

Yours Sincerely in Christ, Rev. Shadrack Ogembo Pastor/Director
Address: P.O. Box 72281 – 00200, Nairobi- Kenya.

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