Saturday, October 4, 2008


We had a wonderful time yesterday at the little Masai church. It was packed out and after we sang, McKenna and I walked down to the “tree.” This is a large acacia tree that the Masai sit under for shade. Under it this morning is gathered all the children for Sunday School. There are about 80 very excited children and we sing together about Jesus. It’s a very wonderful memory for us to keep and we have come cool pics from that moment.

Today we made our wild ride through the Rift Valley to Nairobi. We bump and jump and dodge holes past termite mounds and grazing gazelles. I can count six dust devils whirling up into the air some as high as 100 feet making contrasting brown poles against the mountains beyond. Unfortunately a gazelle runs into the middle of the road in front of us and hesitates a moment too long - we couldn’t stop and I won’t go into detail. It was the only casualty of our trip.

We would groan as we were driving along and would see the sign, “END OF TAR,” because then the road would get REALLY rough. For some reason the road crews would just stop laying tar down and we’d be on rocky bumpy dirt again. Once we left civilization it was like thought though. Amazing!

We were glad to pass Monkey Corner up. That was where our friend Dan Dooley was accosted by a man with a gun. They’ve been having some problems there but we didn’t have to go by there. So we bumped and jumped and crawled and s topped and went on to Nairobi. We now saw clothes lines everywhere, women carrying heavy loads on their heads, little duka’s, police barriers and tons of people walking everywhere – back to civilization!

We will rest up today and on Tuesday will go with Elizabeth, a Kenyan woman, to visit some local Masai women. Till then… kwa heri!

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